Tunoptix uses patented silicon nitride metasurfaces to create compact, wide field of view (FoV) tunable focal length optics usable in machine vision, augmented/virtual reality, and vision correction.

Patented Silicon Nitride Metasurface Optics

Tunoptix has advanced beyond existing metasurface optics fabrication techniques in metal, silicon, and titanium dioxide and is using a patent pending silicon nitride formulation for better clarity.


Variable Focal Length and
Field of View Using a Metasurface Lens

Free form optics only allows a small number of fixed focal lengths to be combined into a single lens system for bifocal, trifocals, and progressive lenses—at the expense of field of view (FoV) for a given focal length.

Tunoptix’s MEMS actuators allow rapid focal length adjustment with no loss of field of view using standard form factors.