Disruptive technology delivering rugged, low-cost optics for machine vision and imaging

Meta-optics are a key technology in the evolution of optical design. These flat optics replace traditional lenses and are manufactured using semiconductor techniques to reduce cost, size, and weight. The digital nature of their design enables unique and highly complex optical elements unachievable with current technology.

Tunoptix uses meta-optics to create unique systems, such as an extended depth of focus (EDOF) lens, enabling machine vision and imaging systems to operate over a much greater range with no moving parts

meta-optics design

These new optical elements enable unprecedented modes of information extraction as well as the transformation of image data specifically for digital processing versus human viewing.

Our approach enables a simple and static optical element leveraging a digital environment to accomplish far more than conventional systems comprising multiple lenses, complex designs, and mechanical actuators. This approach is also more effective at utilizing AI technology to perform value-add operations.

Tunoptix designs hybrid, optical-digital systems that circumvent the strong chromatic aberrations of diffractive optics, enabling high-quality, full-color imaging using a single, flat meta-optic

Today’s technology: Compound Lenses

compound lenses

Tunoptix solution: Computational Meta-optics

meta-optics 850

In applications requiring human interaction, our software can reconstruct the image data for high-quality imaging to preserve the human/machine interaction.  This novel approach springboards optical design into the digital age and beyond, positioning Tunoptix to meet the exponentially increasing technical demands of next-generation optics.

Today’s technology: Tunable Liquid Lens

Tunable Liquid Lens Graphic

Tunoptix solution: EDOF Meta-optics

EDOF Meta-optics graphic